Rumi Assignment – Sara

To find love with the One the exterior must probe us

So we can run back inside and search within our hearts

We can find the treasure within

Leave our bodies and find our souls that starve

All they ask for us to be one with god

Close to god

Silence, we need silence to make music

But we also need silence to find knowledge

Open your ears and not your mouth

Feed your soul

Ya Rasul Allah we strive to be like you

Your dua’s bring tears to our eyes

You are mankind’s perfection

Our souls will follow your guidance

We bow to you Allah for we are egoless

Forgive us for our sins

The materialistic world prevents our bodies from guidance

We spin and twirl and try to reach you

Bring gifts from heaven and place it on the ground

Our love is never ending and so we will never stop spinning

The dancing of Sufis who spin elegantly around the floor together in order to reach god initially inspired this poem. Their commitment to their religion is so strong that they become selfless and lose themselves to their faith. Even though they try to feed their souls, which might be a lonely path, they are not alone because they are connected to god. Therefore, there is someone on the outside that they are reaching. Loneliness cannot be found in a religion.


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