Thomas Miller- Rumi

Instead of being so bound up with everyone,

be everyone.

When you become that many, you’re nothing.



This photograph is in response to Rumi’s poem “When your with everyone but me.” This poem reminded me of being lost in a crowd or the feeling of being alone in a crowd. Rumi talks about how we should not be so concerned with everyone, but rather be everyone. This is where the poem talks about it’s message of being empty and act of becoming one with God. In order to achieve the unity of being we need to loose ourselves and become the many by surrendering our egos. In the end I chose this photograph because Rumi’s message of being with no-one when your with everyone reminded me of how we become just part of the crowd when we are surrounded by many people. We have no individual identity when viewed in a crowd, so why should we be concerned with everyone?


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