Gamble Everything For Love – Daita’s Rumi Response

Gamble Everything For Love – Daita

Gamble Everything for Love

If you want what visible reality

can give, you’re an employee.

If you want the unseen world,

You’re not living your truth.

Both wishes are foolish,

but you’ll be forgiven for forgetting

that what you really want is

love’s confusing joy.

I wanted to respond to this section of ‘Gamble Everything for Love’ because I liked that it contained a sense of yearning, yet juxtaposed this with a sense of intstruction. This reflects the confused nature of love which I in turn tried to emphasize through using a mixture of major and minor chords. This combination tells of both sadness and joy – two of the fundamental building blocks to love. I decided upon this final music composition because I feel like it told the same story as the Rumi poem. I threw around a lot of ideas but what struck me about the poem was the structure – it had a clear coda. I did originally write lyrics for this song as well, but I felt that did not quite sit with what I thought about the poem, it simply turned it into something else so I removed them. This excerpt also reminded me of one of the speeches in Symposium, where they are talking about how we spend our whole lives looking for our other half. Love reeks of desperation.The question raised, for me, was whether this was a good idea…worth the pain.  And gambling everything for love; for giving someone the ability to hurt you, might actually be worth it. Rejecting daily, mundane and ordinary things for the sake of love is what makes us whole.


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