Rumi Response, Questioning existence – Nicola Benatti

I live

The world, mine for the taking;

I feel

Part of a greater being, which embraces the whole;

I do not feel

Essential, my actions blown away, like sand on rock;

I am

Called by God, pulled toward him by the greatest force ever known


What am I? What do I really feel? Am I mere breath, continuous action, main means on life?

Only God, highest truth, can enlighten my soul and mind.


I imagined a response to the poem “Only breath”, connecting to it via the use of the term “breath”. For the poem I tried my best to keep a hermetic style, trying to give an idea of the importance of the world, yet of the state of mind of Sufi poems, who have a vocation toward God and aim to him. As one of them, I have contrasting feelings about the environment that surrounds me: it is something I can (and should) experience, yet it is not where I belong and that tries to annihilate my existence. My admiration for God is unmistakable, as the only source of love for the world. The image I attached is meant to suggest a very hin passageway between the “real” world, the one we all live in, and the world of God, to which everyone aspires, yet nobody knows what it is.


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