RUMI Assignment – Spencer Corpuz

Only Breath


Not Christian or Jew or Muslim, not Hindu, 
Buddhist, sufi, or zen. Not any religion


Or cultural system.

I am a human creation.


A shadow on the wall

I veil truth in sound and letter.


I, the created create.

Drawn by the strings of the yearning soul


To articulate, exhilirate,

prognosticate, contemplate

and love.


Belong to the beloved, but born of the lover.

Ride the rhythmic beatings of the heart.


Breathe in – behold the beauty of a fading world.

Breathe out whatever the soul catches hold of.


Up from within, I come with longing

Reflections in a pond of still water

Yet my fumbling utterances only cause ripples.


Information flows, but meaning stutters

If no one can hear me, do I exist?


If no one can feel my sighs

Am I silenced?


I shout, and moan,

I sigh and sing.


Yet I can only point.


For in the end, like the comet

streaking across the twilight,


I came from nothing

And to nothing I return.


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