Charlotte Todd: Rumi Assignment

They tell me that there are bad people

Out there

They tell me I will get hurt

Out there

They tell me I can’t trust anyone

Out there


They tell me.

That is not enough.

Show me.

Let my senses

Command my body, my mind.

Let me

Feel the wind.

Hear the thunder.

Smell the waste.

Touch the stone.

Taste the sour berry.

I will stay weak

Until I experience the bad

To know what is good,

And follow it.

I need a foe to know a friend.



A sheltered flower bud

will never be a flower

it cannot blossom and flourish

without the sun

it will stay a bud,

never growing,

always dying.


I chose the poem “Wean Yourself”. What came to my mind was not just questioning existence and the truth, it was needing your senses. A fetus is not fully developed, and does not have full senses. That’s what people would be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, if they had experienced none of life, and lived in too sheltered an environment. Hearing about something is no substitute to living and experiencing it. For example, parents can tell their kids what the world and different people are like, or tell them about love and friendship, but for the child to grow they must experience it themselves.





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