Rumi Assignment “Many Wines”- Abhishek Goel

In her I am lost,

In her I am found.

She is what completes me,

She is what defines me.

Within her is my being,

Without her I cease to exist.

Her eyes gleam, they guide me like the North Star,

It is what defines the journey that is life.

I’m lost in her beauty,

I wish to submit in her eternity.

My heart only has one desire,

To surrender in her will.

Every waking moment I spend,

I think only of her grace.

As I think of her,

The scent of roses indulges me.

A shadow in her timeless perfection,

I am her lover, her admirer.

I am but a traveller,

She is my Destination.

The basis of Sufism as I understand it is to love God with such intensity that it defines you and completes you. However, God for different people might mean different things. In the case of Majnun, Layla became that definitive being. Nonetheless as Rumi acknowledges, one must choose their Respective God wisely. It is through the difficult and painful journey that one truly understands oneself. This concept of a self-discovering journey has been expressed in different contexts throughout the ages. For Plato, it was the ladder through which one eventually discovers Knowledge of the Ideal world. For the Hindus, it is through good Karma and completing one’s Dharma (or duties) can a being achieve Moksha (uniting with the force of life).


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