Sara Bahwan- Self Plageriasim

Self plagiarism:

Self-plagiarism prohibits writers from reinforcing their statements in more than one essay. This restriction forces a writer to be creative and come up with a new thesis. However, it also stops their train of thought. It discourages writers from exploring the idea they displayed in one work since they might have the fear of repeating themselves. Strangely, self-plagiarism is not applicable to authors who are the walking creators in this world. So why are students restricted?

In my experience building up an idea and using it in other courses usually allows information to imprint in my mind. Therefore, as a student learns new materials and always seeks for new information, they would be limited in understanding subjects as they are more likely to have a vague understanding of the subject. For example, exploring poems from the Middle East and then switching to poems in the West will limit the student from having a deep understanding of what inspired poets in each culture, this is due to a vast number of types of poems present in each culture.

In contrast, self-plagiarism could also be beneficial to students as it forces them to reinvent themselves. They have to approach each topic in a new way in order to distinguish their work from previous essays. Therefore, they are able to learn different writing skills and techniques and in the process learn their individual writing style.

Ultimately, self-plagiarism is a puzzling topic. It only seems to exist in the student life that is sheltered from the world. As students leave schools, colleges, and universities they are no longer bound to the restriction of self-plagiarism and can form many essays with numerous editions. Therefore, I believe that the concept of self-plagiarism is present to allow students to explore and evolve which eventually allows them to find their selves.


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