Curating the Renaissance : Seminar session with Peta Motture, Senior Curator of Sculpture, V&A

What springs to mind when someone tells you they are a curator in an art and design Museum?  Is there a difference between an academic art-historian and a curator?  If you were a curator, how do you think you would spend your time?Based on case studies of work undertaken at the Victoria and Albert Museum, including the Medieval & Renaissance Galleries and a forthcoming book on the Culture of Bronze, this session will explore the role of a curator in researching and interpreting objects within their broader cultural context for a wide range of audiences.

Write one paragraph discussing the approach to arts education presented by Dr. Muttore in class.  How does the view from ‘behind the museum’ change your experience of encounter with the arts objects and cultural products?  You may write about any other matter that you noted about the presentation.