2. Persian Poetics: Attar, Rumi, Nurbakhsh


Attar Conference of the Birds

Key Features of Sufism in the Early islamic Period by Dr Javad Nurbakhsh

Sufism: part 1 Rumi:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgMN0zJ0yzo

Sufism part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5n4e_eSnlw


REED FLUTE Rumi Assigment


This assignment is an exercise In the spirit of the sufi way, which privileges practice over theory, and experience over speculation.

Respond to one poem by Rumi or Attar in the media of your choice.  please read the Key Features of Sufism, and Sufism and Persian Prose to guide your approach to this assignment.  The key terms here are authenticity and spontaneity.    You response should be a ‘response’ to, and address back, a dialogue with the poem.  Whether you write a poem, compose a dance, take a photograph, paint a panel, make a video, compose music, or any other expressive mode, please include a paragraph of  prose explaining your creative process.

Remember Rumi’s theory of language and creativity expressed int his famous Reed Flute Song.



One thought on “2. Persian Poetics: Attar, Rumi, Nurbakhsh

  1. I thought the assignments and your presentations illuminated the probe into the issues of ‘self-plagerism’ is terms of repetition, reuse, recycle, renewal, and all the other matters that go to the heart of what we are really talking about: creativity and learning. The assignment asked you to respond to a Rumi poem in any medium in a ‘sufi’ way. This would require you to first listen well to the poem, as in “listen to the sound of the reed” and offer a genuine response, which we would then read and “analyze,” Your reactions/responses could not have been more genuine and diverse. We began with Sara and her ‘dialectical’ response to a poem, an moved on to others which included an spontaneous stream of consciousness, a working through, a revolt/resistance, and an ‘imitation’ or ‘borrowing’ of Abishek’s beautiful devotion poem paying tribute to Majnun through Rumi’s poem. We saw than there are many ways we can respond, and they involve different operations.

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