4. Icons, Iconoclasms

1.Story telling in Christian Art

2. Stokstad, Chapter 7.

2.Shiva and Parvati BM

3.icon, orthodoxy christianity BM

3.Ming Banknote China 1420 bm

Discussion Questions: What is an Icon (and how is it different from a narrative)? Why were they prohibited?  When and how  were they legitimized?  Discuss both philosophical and historical dimentions of iconoclasm and iconophilia.   In what ways are these matters relevant to contemporary culture?


2 thoughts on “4. Icons, Iconoclasms

  1. This was one of those really weird coincidences where something I stumbled across happens to match really well with what we’re doing in class. This is a NYTimes article talking about how our brains, when reading a well-written story, go through the same processes and perceive it the same way as when we actually experience it. “Stories, the research is showing, stimulate the brain, and even change how we act in life.”

  2. In class there was one thing that caught my attention. It was that stories and narratives can be dangerous because they imitate real life and therefore can be taken as real life. One of my friends is very christian and I remember her telling me that she doesn’t always believe in the christian stories but rather she takes the lessons from the stories. It is the same way with children stories. When I was younger I used to read the Rainbow Fish book. But I didn’t believe that fish spoke or that fish shared their scales but instead I learned that sharing was a good value. These go against what Plato says about censorship of stories and children stories. Children learn that the stories are not real life and they therefore don’t take them as real life.

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